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Welljournal is an online reporting system for projects in the oil & gas industry.

The Flow of Information

The lifecycle of oil & gas wells in the energy industry involves a detail-oriented chain of events, coordinating many people, resources, and services on all levels to accomplish their drilling, completion, workover, and eventual abandonment.

With the varying duties, knowledge, and skillsets of individuals involved with each phase of the lifecycle of a given well, it can be problematic in some instances for all people involved to be able to obtain required information as needed, and be able to view it in meaningful ways.

A Different Approach

As a reporting system, what Welljournal attempts to provide is an easier way for people to do their job, by removing the need for proprietary software skillbases, and lessening the tedium of reporting & reviewing well activities! Essentially, if you can navigate a modern web browser, you can operate this system.

Setting itself apart from the countless spreadsheet-based reporting systems, as well as other proprietary reporting systems that often require exclusive hardware & extensive training, Welljournal can be run from any device, anywhere. Computers, tablets, and smartphones are all on equal footing here, with no special software to install!

For Producers

Training & Integration? Done.


Access & read reports on any internet-enabled device!

Are you daunted by the thought of large-scale integration, involving several (or dozens, or possibly even hundreds) of computers, each pre-loaded with proprietary software that requires extensive training & support? This system should erase those concerns.

Since most functioning humans today are already familiar with a web browser or two, essential training is already complete. And what modern computer or handheld device does not have a web browser already installed?

For Field Supervisors

A New Way of Reporting


Create, complete, and edit reports on any internet-enabled device!

For those supervisors working for multiple customers, many with their own systems using proprietary reporting programs, trying to remember the methods, quirks, and pitfalls of the various programs can be troublesome. Do you enjoy getting trained extensively on each new system as it comes out?

If you can already run a modern web browser, then you can run this system, so there is little training to be had (other than basic familiarization, of course).

It Lives in the Cloud

As an online database-driven system, information is realtime.

When authorized users create, edit, and complete reports, other authorized users elsewhere can immediately review those reports & the data within, using (again) whatever device suits them!

No reports ever need to be emailed, and no proprietary software ever needs to be downloaded or installed.

Everything is stored in the online "cloud"!

Easy Reporting, Easy Access

For accessing & using Welljournal, a person needs only an internet connection, a supported modern web browser, and the willingness to interact with webpages.

Any of the following most recent free versions of Safari (on iOS devices only), Chrome (on PCs, tablets, and phones), Firefox (on PCs, tablets, and phones), or Opera (on PCs, tablets, and phones) are all the software that's needed to operate this system.

Use of the web browser Internet Explorer is NOT supported at this time (it's terrible anyhow!).

Access Anywhere


With the constant networking & boardroom environment at the management level, the ability to stay up to the minute on field operations, from anywhere, is a huge advantage.

As well, with the supervisors in the field spending less time with reporting, they are left with more time to actually supervise operations!

If interested, please take the tour.

Refer to the FAQ for answers to some common questions.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or comments (or if you'd like your company to use Welljournal).

Also, consider taking a moment to register, as it will allow existing producers & management companies to add you to their rosters!